Tuesday, June 17, 2014

You're a Cool Dad.

Happy [Belated] Father's day to all of the lovely father's out there! No one can replace the love of a father, and although they should be honored all year, I'm glad that on father's day, we can make those awesome daddies feel extra special. Unfortunately, I live about 18 hours from my Daddy, but hopefully one day we won't be so far away! God willing.
I was so excited when my little sister asked me to make her a sign for our dad for father's day. She's a super cool 15 year old, so when she asked me to make a sign, this one came to mind. I've been wanting to make something that says "You're A Cool Dad." for a few weeks now, so this was the perfect opportunity! It was also perfect because I could literally hear my little sister saying this to my dad, and what was even more perfect is the fact that my dad really is a cool dad!
I made this sign with a pine board from Lowe's, then coated it with one layer of min-wax dark walnut. After letting the stain dry for the recommended 8 hours, I applied my vinyl, then coated the entire thing with mod podge. You have to coat the entire thing [not just the letters] or else you'll have a shiny luster on one part of your sign & not the other. The mod podge ensures that the vinyl will not come off, and it also gives it a nice finish!
[I used my Silhouette Cameo to make the vinyl letters, but any craft cutter will work or even just vinyl letters from a craft store!]

I also made this sign for a good friend of mine! It was for her husband. She came to me with the saying already in mind, and I thought that it was a super cute idea! These were such fun projects that anyone can do.
To hang the sign, I just bought some rope from Lowe's, then drilled two holes through each sign, and put the rope through the holes then tied a tight knot.
Easy as that!

XOXOXO, God Bless.

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